Why Jahmby Koikai Has Been forced To Walk in Nairobi Wearing Mask


Media personality Jahmby Koikai took to her Instagram to share why she always walks in a mask. She revealed that her lungs are not in the best state yet but there is immense progress.

The endometriosis warrior added that she does not experience lung collapses and has embraced the surgical scars.

I wear this mask PROUDLY.Someone really close to me advised me to.. My lungs are not at optimum level yet but I’ve made great progress. I don’t experience lung collapses anymore and that is something i really thank God for. That was pure hell on earth.
I also bear my scars PROUDLY.
I do receive hundreds of messages from women everyday in regards to Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, fibroids and other menstrual related conditions/ illnesses.
I’ve also been thinking about women with disabilities who are also battling Endometriosis and i cannot even begin to imagine what they’re dealing with.
Let’s keep talking about this until our voices are heard.
I’ll be hosting 20 endo warriors for lunch in December and I’m looking forward to that. Just good food, live music and stories. We need some good vibes, said Jahmby.


Two months ago Jahmby jetted into the country after receiving treatment for stage four endometriosis in the US. She had traveled to Atlanta Georgia in 2018 and was admitted at the Center for Endometriosis Care for advanced treatment after she was diagnosed with Stage four endometriosis and needed to undergo a lifesaving surgery.

The doctors were able to remove the endometriosis and she is currently recovering well.

The Former Trend presenter has been fighting endometriosis for 19 years and urges ladies to get checked. She confidently wrote to American comedienne and television host, Ellen DeGeneres asking for an opportunity to use her platform to create endometriosis awareness.

If you have been wondering what endometriosis, it’s a condition whereby the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus and breaks down with the menstrual cycle. Since the tissue has nowhere to go, lesions are formed which cause the painful cramps.






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