Why I Hid My Wife From Social Media -Jalang’o


Milele FM presenter Jalang’o finally breaks silence on why he kept his relationship private.

Jalas who walked down over the weekend to his long-time girlfriend Amina Chao, took many by surprise because very few people who are so close to him knew her existence.

Speaking during his radio show, Jalang’o revealed the two have been dating for long adding that keeping their relationship private was because of his wife’s job plus she’s not into social media.

“Unadhani tumejuana juzi, tulijuana kitambo lakini yeye siyo mtu anapenda mtandaoni na pia kazi yake haimuruhusu”,he said.

According to various reports, Jalango’s Taita bae currently works at the biggest Telco company Safaricom in the General Trade Visibility and Events department. It is also rumoured that the two have been dating for four good years.

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After Jalang’o tied the knot, the internet was on fire because he got married to a lady outside his community.

However, Jalang’o defended himself saying that the number of Luo men who married Luo ladies is many compared to those who got married outside their community.

“Huwezi hesabu wajaluo wameoa nje kuliko wajaluo wameoa ndani,na nilipo oa mke wangu sikuona wala sikujua kabila lake”

“Sikufurahia jinsi watu walikuwa wakiongolea dada zangu wakijalu kweye mtandaoni, mama yangu ni mjaluo dadangu ni mjaluo iyo kitu sikupenda kabisa,msionge vibaya kuhusu dada zangu wa kijaluo ni wasichana wazuri sana na kabila haikuwa chanzo hata kimoja kwangu  kuoa na mpenda mke wangu sana.” 

Jalas also denied that his co-host Alex Mwakideu was the one who hooked him up with his wife during their many tours in Voi.

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“Wengi walisema ni wewe ndio ulinipa mke mkienda enda huko Voi kumbe wewe ulikuwa ukiitafutia mke chenye wajui nilijua mke wagu kabla nikujue,”he said.

The traditional wedding ceremony which was held in Syokimau was attended by a number of celebrities among them fellow comedian MC Jessy, radio co-host Alex Mwakideu, Robert Burale, Jasper Muthomi, Tom Japanni, Ted Kwaka aka Big Ted and Chris Kirwa.

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