Wako Na Roho Safi – Kenyans Hilarious Reactions to Soap-eating Nandi Sisters

A pair of Nandi sisters have lit up social media after they confessed they love eating soap.

Sharon Chepchirchir, 24, and Lydia Chepkemboi 17, both enjoy eating soap and revealed they have never experienced any side effects or irritation from the soap.

“I don’t know why I eat soap but I enjoy it. I discovered my appetite for soap when I was five years old,” says Chepchirchir.

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She revealed that her bizarre habit started at the mere age of five, so technically she’s done it for 19 years. She was surprised to find out that her younger sister Lydia shares the same appetite for soap.

“My younger sister lived with my aunt and we rarely met. One day, I noticed she had a bar of soap in her pocket. I asked what she was doing with it and she said she eats soap. This brought us closer because we borrow soap from one another,” she says.

They are not biased to bar soap only, they also lick powdered soap occasionally.

Not only has the strange habit shocked the people from their village, but social media as well.

Kenyans were full of the funniest puns when they read about the Nandi sisters.

“Hawa wako na roho safi,” said @ _ngare_ngare_. Instagrammer @Le_grand_enigma added, “Kusafisha damu at its best.”

Instagram user @tsme_starr also joked, “TALK OF KASABUN.”

Check out the full video below:

Here are other funny comments from netizens.


Pesa ni sabuni ya Roho..😂😂


Maneno yao hutoka Safi!! 🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣


Ala! Kwani foam ni gani hapa?


Wasafi records💀😂


Hope they dont discover allsoaps

Maybe wanatafuta foam

What do you think?

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