Viral Video Hilariously Proves That Kenyan Men Don’t Cheat

A hilarious prank video on the streets of Nairobi featuring a young lady asking for a public kiss from a man has lit up social media.

The man who is surprised by the girl’s courageous request tries to stall from her request for as long as possible but the lady is persistent. She begs him to plant one one her lips but the guy declines saying he can only allow her to give him a peck on the cheek.

He later changes his mind despite the girl’s willingness and says he can’t do it because the place is too public and crowded. Eventually, he reveals that the reason for his hesitance is because he has a girlfriend.

Check it out below:

The point of the social experiment was to prove that Kenyan men don’t cheat but has instead gotten the man ridiculed on social media with other men saying what they would do if they were in his shoes. Check out their reactions below:


Wlahi ningemlamba haga


Watu wanaogopa HIV ?


Si apatane na mimi nirepresent boychild ???

Image result for lol gif


Boychild :zii si wewe uanze??????


Kwani hawa watu wanakuanga wapi nikiwa tao ninyonye mtu adi kanjo wanikuje kunishika????


Aty labda twende hapo ndani ..,gai?


Waende wapi mahali ndani????

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Dedan Njoroge Muhura This is complete evidence that we don’t cheat Kuja Carol uone

Babake Jaydeb Mnaweza jua saa hiii amefika wapi uyo dame ????????

Komando Pop Cone After a deep kiss always si the fingers also do their work huko chini ama kwa boobs.Looooohhh ! Walai huyo ameponea hizo ma time sijui alinipita za wapi

John Robert Magana Niggas who could have feasted on that lips oyaaa let’s gather here for a selfie ????????

Image result for lol gif

Vokeh Sheriff Yule Mpole Khai ?? ? huyu hajui akina kevooo hii tungemaliza mapema kesi baadae

Cool Leo Leo Of course she’s approaching young boys, not men. Mimi singemuacha???

Kevin O Koikai Gordon Swamin msee wewe sitaki kusema kile ungefanya lakini am sure sai kungekua na whatsapp group ya kuchanga bail??

Shem Love If she was attractive, the guy would not hesitate to Kiss her.

Emceemike Dapoet Shida so kucheat shida ni umati

Image result for interesting gif

Tosh Martin uyu jamaa kwa men conference alikuwa ana Dozz off i saw him.. ndio maana ako ivi

Shi Mary Ni vyenye hakupatana na kevo ama brayo ???

Dimo Felix Aboyz That nigah is a disgrace to manhood ?? how can he nkt!!!!

She Be ????aki wanaume ,, ati waende pale hakuna watu ??

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Samuel Mbogo ,?????????Huyu ni wale wa kuchuum kama ni mafuta yuavuta kwa carburetor ya gari in simple hataki choma bet

Sura Mbili No upright man can just accept to kiss a woman who has approached him unless you are stupid kwanza Nairobi you never know her intentions eeeh hii town unaweza jikuta pabaya even she can plan with police o thieves they come claiming you are kiss their woman then what will you do when like 4 well built men say you have been playing around with the wife, nourobi never accept free things they will cost you money o life.
Toniah Kariuki Nataka kuona nugu yenye iliingia hiyo box nihakikishe si hii nugu ya Kwangu kwajili hajuangi jokes ni nini.

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