Vera Sidika Flaunts Her Wealth After Buying New Clothes For Her Puppies

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is back from her tour and with a new sense of fashion for her puppies. After landing today in Nairobi, the self-proclaimed queen shared photos of her luxurious home and spoilt puppies on Instagram

“Feels good to be back!! But damn! Missed my house so much. Been away for 4 months! It’s crazy how I bought a house I don’t even live in. My house manager enjoys it more than I do,” she shared

She went on to share photos of her white Range Rover Sport parked in her backyard.

“All these years of traveling. I need to start enjoying my house and my car. I rarely drive it & I’m already thinking of buying a new one. Anyway once the babies start coming my house & my car will be put to good use”

Her followers obviously took notice of her puppies and she was fast to show off the new clothes she bought for her puppies

“Everybody wants my grandpuppies. And the way I bought them lots of clothes from LA. You think I’m gonna give them away? They so cute, ” she added

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