Vera Sidika explains why she wore skimpy outfit to Tanasha’s baby shower

It’s a hot girl summer and Vera Sidika is living her best life in Tanzania where she is currently spending time with her boyfriend Dr Jimmy Chansa.

In true ‘hot girl summer’ fashion, Vera confidently wore a very revealing outfit to Tanasha’s baby shower and didn’t give a damn about what anyone thought of her slinky number.

When Sidika arrived at the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel where the event was held, she was the centre of attention with journalists clamouring to get a picture of the bikini-like outfit.


Online, her outfit attracted negative comments with many bashing her for exposing her butt cheeks and her thighs at an event meant for a baby.

“Dalili za kiama sasa zinaonekana wazi,” commented one netizen.

“Tumefikia hatua mbaya Sana utamaduni huu unaharibu kizaz kijachoo watuu watakuwa wanatembea uchiii kabisa naitakuwa kawaida,” another added.

Others were afraid that Vera would snatch their bae’s with the sexy number. “Kenya tumewakosea nini lakin mbona mnataka kutuibia waume zetu wote ndio mavaz gani ayo?”


The hair entrepreneur took to her Instagram story and explained why she chose the salacious outfit.

Miss Sidika revealed that normal is boring and that is why she chose an attention-grabbing outfit for the auspicious ceremony and given that it was a beach wedding, the outfit was in line with the event.

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