Vanessa Mdee Accusses Trace Mziki of Favoritism for Not Playing Her Songs

Vanessa Mdee has accused music station, Trace Mziki, of favoritism after allegations arose that the afro urban channel tends to favor certain artists to air live. In a tweet sent on her page, the Tanzanian Nielewe hitmaker went public to expose how Trace Mziki has been ignoring music from certain artists (including herself) and instead choosing to play songs from specific musicians only.

Trace Mziki has been on many African artists’ radar for quite some time now with some ceasing to send their music to the channel entirely. Vanessa Mdee, being the latest victim, has, however, refused to go out quietly after exposing the dark truth that goes on behind the scenes.

The tweet was received with a lot of mixed reactions from fans and while some seemed to support her, many have replied claiming that the Cash Madame Bongo star is just angry because her music doesn’t get played as often as she expects. Vanessa Mdee posted another follow-up tweet claiming that, by exposing the shady business going on in the urban station, she, in fact, speaks for many disappointed artists

On Instagram, Vanessa Mdee’s claim that Trace Mziki is unfair to certain artists was also not received well by fans. In a comment made by one of Trace Mziki’s enthusiasts, the Tanzanian Bongo Flava musician is selfishly only looking out for herself and doesn’t actually care about other artists who are victims of the same issue.

Radio stations refusing to play music from certain musicians is not new in the entertainment world. For many years, Diamond Platnumz and many of his Wasafi crew members have had a beef with EATV Clouds Fm and their music is almost never aired on the station. Yet the Bongo artistes have grown to become among the most successful musicians in African history.

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