Trouble in Paradise? Size 8 Opens Up About Her “Rocky” Marriage

After months of setting the standard in celebrity relationships, Size 8 has finally explained that everything is not as smooth in her marriage as it seems. The controversial gospel singer opened up to her fans on social media that her life is not perfect

Size 8 has been married to renowned Kenyan DJ, DJ Mo, for quite a while now and for the most part, their relationship has been one of the most enviable relationships the showbiz entertainment world has ever seen

In a recent post shared by Size 8 on Instagram, however, the two also have their ups and downs in their marriage, and life for them is just as hard as everybody else. She opened up about her hectic marriage that has seen her finances and career face some challenges too.

” I don’t have a perfect ministry neither a perfect career, my finances are not perfect, I don’t have a perfect Marriage, I don’t have a perfect child, I don’t have a perfect body,” she said.

While many agree that Size 8 is already living her best life, many fans have come out to appreciate her openness and share in her troubles. Size 8 has, over the years, earned a lot of respect from music fans for being one of the realest celebrities in Kenya

In her latest share with her fans, Size 8 advised her followers to put their faith in God, even as life gets harder by the day. The post has since earned her a lot of respect after her last scandal where she supported the alleged rapists, Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat


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WARNING: Don’t be fooled by what you see People post on social media. Many people not all people but many only post the good side of their life they post what they want you to see and hide what they think is not pleasant coz may be they want you to assume they are perfect. Well let me just say this me no matter what you see me post please know am not perfect I don’t have a perfect life sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh out loud, I don’t have a perfect ministry neither a perfect career, my finances are not perfect, I don’t have a perfect Marriage ,I don’t have a perfect child ,I don’t have a perfect body. The only thing I have that is perfect is MY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, MY GOD AND THE BLESSED HOLYSPIRIT ………. In our imperfections we find grace and mercy before God. Relax you are already loved by God nothing can make Him love you less or more…….. @bountifulsafaris Ngerende island logde maasai mara @infinity_clix

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