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Timmy Tdat Explains the Meaning Behind His Neck Piecing and Tattoos

Kenyan controversial musician, Timothy Owor, better known by his stage name Timmy TDat, has finally opened up about his newly acquired neck piercing and tattoos. While speaking to Mseto East Africa’s Willy M. Tuva, TDat explained his reason for getting his new neck piercing and the meaning behind his tattoos.

Timmy TDat is well known for his hype music and crazy lifestyle and the fact that he chose to get a piercing on the neck is not a surprise to many.

“We don’t follow trends… We set the trends…,” he said.

TDat has always aimed to be different both in his music and lifestyle. He explained that, while many choose to get piercings on the lips and nose, he wanted to find a new way to inspire his fans. His neck piercing is a unique signature for his fashion sense and now his fans can find something new to identify him with.

The Kasayole hitmaker went on to explain the meanings behind his many tattoos. “It’s all for the love of music…” Timmy TDat also opened up about his relationship with his mother and how she inspires him – which is why he decided to get her tattooed on his arm.

Timmy TDat is surrounded by lots of controversies from indecent behavior during concerts to sex drama. The urban music rapper seems to love his crazy fascinations in life and a neck piercing is just one of his newly found ideas.

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