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The Big Hash Opens Up About His Big Plans to Dominate Music Industry in 2019

The Big Hash has finally announced his big plans to take over the music industry in 2019. While speaking to Slikour Onlife, the young South African Hip hop and Afrobeat artist said he is looking to become the new face of music as he inspires the wave of entertainment in his generation.

“I want to open the gates for the new wave kids to flourish cause they work hard,” he said.

2018 has been a great year for The Big Hash, and his countless tours have allowed him to learn a lot about music and understand his crowd. “I feel like there’s a lot of emotional growth, and also musical growth because I’ve been surrounded in an environment where I see everybody as competition,” he says. Hash admits that many top artists don’t take him and his music seriously yet, but the support he is getting from his fans is enough to fuel his musical career.

The Big Hash is a young talented South African male musician and is considered one of the youngest artists in Africa. He has ingeniously found a way to tap into the modern music genres and his fans greatly appreciate his style. The afrobeat music star is confident that 2019 is going to his year as more people continue to embrace and appreciate newer and better music.

In the interview, Hash revealed his big plans to inspire and support young upcoming artistes in the industry as he made reference to PatricKxxLee. The Dark Horse afro-star has time and again admitted that PatricKxxLee is one of his biggest inspirations in his music.

“I feel like the kids as a whole, I want to open doors for them so they are not afraid to cross over and break the boundaries. I want them to be able to put themselves in a place where everything that happens around them is solely because they worked hard for it.”

With big events from top African musicians lined up for 2019, we can only expect the best from The Big Hash and commend him for watching over other young artists like him. For such a young entertainer, that’s some inspirational stuff!

Watch The BigHash as he talks about his big plans in 2019

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