Tanasha Donna Reveals What she would Do If Diamond Cheats

Diamond Platimuz’ lover Tanasha Donna left tongues wagging after declaring what she would do if Diamond sleeps with another woman in future.

The heavily pregnant lass took to social media and said that she will never touch Diamond again if she cheats on her leave alone talking to him.

…and yeah I love my baby daddy, but if he F**k another B***h , I won’t ever ever touch him. (he knows it)

Tanasha Wrote on her Instatsories


This came after Diamond organized a mother of all baby shower party in one of the most sought after restaurants in Tanzania.

Tanasha and Diamond met 9 months ago after he broke up with Zari Hassan whom they had two babies. Zari and Diamond broke over cheating issues after Diamond got a baby with Hamisa Mobetto while he kept seeing his first ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

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Now Tanasha’s fans feel that Tanasha will not be able to tame Diamond’s Insatiable desire for women and the only thing she will end up doing is breaking up with Chibu Dangote.


You’ll remember the boss lady a time like this next year when you’ll be 25 either a single mom or carrying a second pregnancy with no engagement ring. He won’t be there to hear anything, he’ll be somewhere with a Nigeria lady,maybe Rwanda

Tanasha nawewe ulitupa mbao unasikia vituko vya huyo mwanaume nawe unajiingiza kwa hiyo mahusiano ama ulimpenda juu ya hela??kuwa makini usije ukalia kama hao wengine

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