Shots Fired! Mulamwa Shames Churchill Comedian’s Outfit

Comedian David Oyando, famously known as Mulamwa, shamed Churchill comedian Eunice Wanjiru aka Mammito after she shared a photo of her dressed in booty shorts.

Mulamwa made fun of the fellow comedian after she shared that having a small behind is also a fashionable thing.

“Small booties màtter, Volume iko Sawa?” she captioned it.

The leather shorts left Mulamwa wondering whether Mammito washes it or she just polishes it to shine. “Hii booty short unaoshanga ama unapiga rangi,” he wondered.

The two comedians can be described as fast-rising since little was known about them built in the past few years they have already built a large audience for themselves.

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During a previous interview, Mammito talked about her struggles with fame. She explained how she tried many times for auditions but would fail frequently.

“I can’t even remember how many times, though they loved my jokes, they would tell me that I lacked courage and stage presence,” she said.

His comments caused chaos as netizens flocked the comments section with mixed reactions.


Hio booty short ukivaa kwa jua hagaa inakaa kama imepigwa pasi😂😂😂


Kwani kanataka kunyamba ?

Maurice Kawiti If the buttocks are small, they should not be called booty…they should be called Pooty. There’s a reason the big ones are called booty.

Benja Ndeto Your size and mine are same size, how comes you she and am he?

Tabby Njuguna That caption is not complete it should be small booty long legs🤣🤣🤣

John Kingsman Lucy With a Small Booty can we just call you “Kamito” instead of Mammito?🙈😎

Donald Omondi Wear Pampers so that they can be visible 🤔

Kuriah Small booty and matter should never be in the same sentence. Remember matter is anything that has weight and occupy space

Zak Munyiri The picture is a lil confusing. 1 can’t really tell whether u r going or coming. Central people would say, u look like a Mhindi of construction

Pijii Pato Boot-ita is the photographer in this😂😂

Jann Muoki Where is the butt?

Wagoro Kasweetie The problem with this slim gals ni ukiwaguza ucku wanakuanga wabaridi matako ka panga imelala inje 🙄🙄

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