Shaffie Weru Admits He Was Angry at Avril For Getting Pregnant by Someone Else

Controversial media socialite and scandalous radio presenter, Shaffie Weru, has revealed that he was angry by female singer Avril for getting pregnant by someone else.

While interviewing Avril on the popular morning show on Kiss 100, Shaffie expressed his disappointment after he learnt that Avril was pregnant. This came after a surprising revelation that Avril had blocked the popular host on social media throughout her whole pregnancy period.

Apparently, Avril was angry at Shaffie Weru for his unruly media persona and decided to block him. In the interview, she blamed her hormones for acting out and cleared the air that there was no bad blood between them now.

Avril is currently a proud mom to her son and acing motherhood like a pro. In spite of everything going on in her life, she still manages to keep her musical career on track as she continues to release more music.

Listen to the Full Interview

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