Ruth Ambogo Tries to Expose Wilkins Fadhili But Gives Herself Away Instead – The Full Story

Just hours after fake Brand Strategist, Wilkins Fadhili was exposed by Larry Madowo as a scammer, many people who were duped by his bogus business have since come out to share their personal experiences with Mr. Fadhili. But one Ruth Ambogo may have just raided on her own parade and exposed her own scam business in the process.

Ruth Ambogo is a “self-made” businesswoman who has branded herself as a youth mentor and team leader in her many businesses. She is the co-founder of the Young Kenyan Women Leaders and has appeared on many talk shows including KTN and the popular Mumy Tales Blog.

While to many she may appear to have it all figured out, she was also, in her own words, scammed by Wilkins Fadhili. The two, apparently, started out as a basic client-employee relationship which would later become more personal. Ruth Ambogo decided to go on a rough spree on Twitter in a thread in which she tells her whole story with Wilkins Fadhili.

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As she told her story on Twitter, Ruth Ambogo let her feelings get in the way and ended up saying too much. But as unforgiving as Twitter is, many people noticed the loopholes in her story and started raising a lot of questions. While she probably intended to look like the victim, it is clear that her relationship with Fadhili was more than just business.

In a simplified version of her story, Ruth Ambogo lost up to 70K to Wilkins Fadhili. But from the many loopholes in her story, many are speculating that the two were involved in a sexual relationship which later turned sour. When Fadhili finally got exposed, Ruth saw an opportunity to expose their many dark secrets as revenge. But she was, too, caught up in the middle of the heat.

While it’s not clear whether Ruth and Fadhili were, indeed, having sex, it is true that their relationship was way beyond business. Many stories have since emerged with people claiming that Ruth has, herself, conned a lot of models, business people, and city politicians.

As they say, Twitter sio ya mama ya mtu. This is a hard learnt lesson for Wilkins Fadhili and Ruth Ambogo


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