Rnaze Spotted Out With Baby Mama After Ugly Breakup

Natalie Tewa’s ex-boyfriend was spotted in the company of his baby mama in the name of co-parenting.

Taking to his Insta stories he talked of how it broke his heart when they separated while the baby was months old.

“People have this idea that co-parenting is the end of the world. That the child is not happy. I don’t blame you. I was afraid too when we had to spit and he was only a few months old,” he said.

“Three years in and I’ve learned that co-parenting is amazing. I work hard, I meditate, I work on my growth, I party a little, I work out and three days in a week I make sure my son is happy and we connect.”

This comes shortly after Tewa addressed the issue of her ever going back to him after a fan requested her to. In the conversation which happened on Twitter, the fan said, ” Bana Rnaze anahurumisha just take him back.”

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In response, Tewa said, “He is still very salty I can see. That chapter closed a long time.”

Shortly after their embarrassing break up, they spoke out saying that they were just taking a break from their relationship. The made the announcement after Vera Sidika brought them together to talk over the breakup drama.

Many people thought that the couple had made up but it was then clear that they had decided to go separate ways for a while.

Tewa said that they had decided to focus on their personal development although they would work on projects together in the future.

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