Ringtone Tries to Spark Beef Between Willy Paul and Nandy After Erotic Photos Go Viral

Gospel drama king Ringtone Apoko is back on Willy Paul’s throat after he tried to spark a raging beef between female singer Nandy and his sworn enemy Willy Paul following erotic photos shared online

Earlier yesterday, Willy Paul posted a sexy photo with female artist Nandy grinding on his goodies in a brown leather skirt.

This, obviously, didn’t sit well with the “holy” Ringtone Apoko and he lashed out violent claims against the two musicians exposing their secret dark and sexual history



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Kwani hatutapumua???@willy.paul.msafi umezunguka ukisema @officialnandy alitoa mimba yako na utapajika mara ya pili. SO HAPA NINI INAENDELEA? Wewe @officialnandy umezunguka ukisema @willy.paul.msafi ni maskini anaishi kwa nyumba ya 2 bedroomed kwa gorofa chafu Syokimau. Eti hata haina lift unachokanga kupanda ngazi. Eti Willy amekuaribia jina kua unalala na wazee kenya na kulipwa penda ndogo. Please sort your issues kwanza msitaje jina la YESU ovyo ovyo?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍??‍?

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While it’s not clear whether Ringtone was speaking the truth about Willy Paul and Nandy’s relationship, many fans are now convinced that Ringtone has a problem with Willy Paul and that he was just clout seeking

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