Producer Jegede Pours Heart Out to Vera Sidika but Gets Rejected Rudely

Kenyan music producer, Jegede, has received the blow of his life after his public advances to get Vera Sidika’s attention were met by a rude “I don’t who Jegede is.” This comes just days after the Pacho hitmaker released a sensational song dubbed Vera Sidika.

Jegede has been trailing Vera Sidika for quite some time now and he has never shied away from declaring his love for her. In his own words, the controversial socialite “bewitched” him with her beauty.

“I am not joking, I want you to understand the seriousness of the matter,” he told Radio Maisha in one interview. “We’ve met a couple of times in the studio and in video shoots but she was in a relationship then. Now she is single so…..I want Vera.”

Jegede went on to release a sensational song dubbed Vera Sidika where he continuously showered the popular socialite with praises. Vera Sidika was, however, not so interested.

While speaking to Mpasho News, Vera Sidika denied any knowledge of Jegede and claimed that he was only using her name to get media attention.

“Many funny people say that just to use my name but I have got no idea what is going on,” she said. “I have nothing to do with this and I don’t want to contribute anything in it. I don’t know who Jegede is.”

Jegede later shared a video on Instagram hanging out with the socialite. Vera Sidika is yet to respond.

Watch Jegede’s Special Dedication to Vera Sidika

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