Popular Nigerian Dancer Blasts Harmonize For Using Her Video Without Consent

A popular Nigerian dancer Sayrahchips has publicly called out Harmonize for using her video without permission.

Most musicians have been promoting their songs by sharing short clips on their social media pages of fans dancing to their music.

Harmonize had shared the video of the dancer together with her team after the release of his new song ‘Kushoto Kulia’.

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Apart from using her video without consent, the dancer also claims that she did not even dance to Harmonize’s song suggesting that the original video had been edited.

“Please, why is your music over my video without my permission?” she asked

“I did not dance to your song, you put your music over my video dancing to Zlatan’s Kibeku song and you posted this without my permission or credit. This is stolen and unethical.” She added

The Nigerian dancer has sparked mixed reactions from fans who think that there are people who have ganged up to ruin Harmonize’s music career.

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Others blamed Harmonize for depending on other people’s content instead of being creative and original.

Uyu dogo nae mwizi wa kazi za watu kila siku duh,” erickkantona002gmail.com8shouted

Some fans sided with the artist suggesting that someone must have sent the edited version and he did not realize it was not original.

“Watu wengine wanaboa video imekutwa mtandaon mtu ata hajulikani ni nani kwahiyo angeiyuliza video ambayo ilshaeditiwa tayar muacheni konde boy tutaendelea kumpenda zaidi na zaidi,” heavenlightjohn98 said

His die-hard fans seemed to be bothered by the fact that Harmonize’s troubles began after his exit from Wasafi record label.

“Kila akitoa wimbo Harmonize lazima yatokee yakutokea why? Mbona hizi mambo zinakuja baada ya Harmonize kutoka wasafi? Hapa kuna question mark?????” misslove784 wrote

This incident comes days after Harmonize’s ‘Uno’ song was pulled down from YouTube over copyright claims.

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mussahhawaHarmonize what is the problem????Mungu akusimamie in this journey or else huu ndo muonekano wa down fall yako

nasryhassan Daah harmonize pambana bro

tunylucasJaman mpumzisheni mwenzenu apumue kwani kawafanya nn

bishobadr82Ivi kweli Hamo najina lake anaweza kwenda kuchukuwa mavideos kweny ma pages yawatu nakupost kwenye account yake bila hakutumiwa! Kiki siku hizi zinatafutwa haina tofauti

jamila_enockKiki hii iko planned na huyo harmonize


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