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“Nigerian Musicians Will Never Win a Grammy” Akintunde Brown Slams Naija Artists

Controversial singer, songwriter, and comedian Akintunde Brown has come out to trash Naija musicians after he claimed that they can never win a Grammy due to the poor afrobeat sounds and local dialect

While speaking in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria, Brown went on to slam leading Naija artists such as Davido, Olamide, and Wizkid. He mentioned that their evident use of the exotic accents is the main killer of any chance they may have at winning a Grammy Award.

“At the Grammys, you have a best R&B album category, but someone who calls his music Afro-Soul, or Fuji Blues and some other names in Nigeria, cannot win in that category,’’ he said.

In terms of the Nigerian hip hop music genre, Akintunde Brown explained that the dynamics of having a shot at the Grammy’s calls for a perfect blend of local and international music, a quality that all Naija music couldn’t afford.

“We also do not use the right nomenclatures which consist dynamic and partly subjective set of songs, which can be identified by having been performed or recorded by a variety of musical acts, often with different arrangements.

Here he was keen to mention top names in Naija music such as Davido Adeleke and Olamide. “David Adeleke aka Davido and Olamide Adedeji, and their likes do not even stand a single chance to win anything because the beats and sounds are nothing to that of,” he said.

While still in the interview, Brown also noted that the Grammy Awards are set for a specific “type” of people and he used Wizkid’s popular hit song, One Dance, which featured  American music star, Drake.

“Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as “Wizkid’’ got a nomination for his contribution in One Dance by Drake in the album of the year category,” he said. “That song has been streamed over a billion times, that is what data, brings to the table. They create a category when they feel like honouring an artist, and their people must be involved.”

Akintunde Brown was also keen to mention the lack of economic value if an African won a Grammy Award. He was confident that African musicians didn’t stand a chance at the Grammy Awards because it wouldn’t have any economic benefit to the American economy.

“Esperanza Spalding went from 20,000 dollars to 32,000 dollars and Taylor Swift jumped from 125,000 dollars to 600,000 dollars,” he explained. “They’re all paying tax in the US, the home of Academy. Their economy does not have anything to gain if an African wins.”

Brown ended the interview with a special call out to all Nigerian musicians to work with other musicians from different countries in order to blend their music with more distinct sounds from other geographical regions.

“I know we will get there, our industry still in its infancy but we have to infuse our own sounds in Nigeria with other African countries,” he said. “We need to have that distinct sound, compose them well, infuse them well to make a good meaning, that will stand us out.”

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