Moto Kama Pasi! Ochungulo Family Finally Rewards Fan With ‘TWA TWA’ Song

Ochungulo family are the hottest Gengetone artists in town right now.

They have released bangers that are played in every club, on the radio waves and in matatu mixes. The boy group is also known for releasing tracks after funny Kenyan trends.

Recently, the Twa Twa pastor has been making uncountable headlines and The Ochungulo family did what they do best. They have released the Twa Twa song.

Fans had predicted that they would drop another club banger from this hilarious pastor. Some even came up with the lines they may use on the song.

The Gengetone released the song on 27th November 2019 and already has 21,000 views. The lyrics on the song include;

Twa Twa, everywhere twa twa, twa twa, everywhere”

“Tourist from overseas from a tour tour, Nmeland sa hi nimetour tour, Risasi hao mayengs nawa twa twa”

Ka quarter, kakwantam alafu”

The Ochungulo family compromises of Nelly the goon, Benzema and D’more. They are known for their hits like ‘Iwake’, ‘Kaa na mama yako’, ‘Dudu’, ‘Kirimino’, ‘Bora uhai’, ‘Aluta’, ‘Dudu’, ‘Kongo’,  and ‘Thutha’.

The boy group who managed to track down the girl behind the phrase,”Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogii” decided to pay for her school fees for the whole year.

We managed to get a hold of the little girl whose voice eclipsed into the Mbinginji viral audio… She travelled all the way from Meru to meet us. It was a pleasure and her story is so touching and guess what! Her name is Happiness… Quite the talented young soul! And you know you gotta appreciate people that have brought a smile or just made you happy in one way or another,” Ochungulo family stated.


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