More Drama as Diana Marua’s Roommate Exposes Her Alleged Abortion in College

Since gospel singer Mr. Seed left Bahati’s record label after allegations that he and his wife mistreated his Baby Mama, things have been going south for Diana Marua and Bahati as they continue to lose more followers.

In a rather untwisted turn of events, Diana Marua’s college roommate (name undisclosed) came out to expose the socialite’s dark past after she opened up about her secret abortion over 7 years ago.

While speaking to News Mtaani, Marua’s college roommate revealed her crazy taste in men and obsession with publicity. Turns out Bahati was just another unlucky fish in the sea

“Marua has always been a hypocrite,” she said. “Hata tukiwa KCA alikuwa dame wa wanaume tu. Na I was the one who had to deal with the aftermath hata ile siku alipata mimba na akatoa.”

Diana Marua was a Marketing student in KCA where she graduated with a Diploma. She has also studied IT and Communication and also graduated with the respective certifications.

According to her college roommate, Diana Marua always aspired to live a socialite life and often idolized famous media personalities. This also led her to hunt for men who were already famous, and in the process, she would bask in the recognition too.

Back in 2012, Marua dated former KTN Sports Anchor, Nick Mudimba for four years and her public life set its course. She tried several relationships after their break up, but they all failed, perhaps because the men were not as big as she had probably hoped.

All her dreams came true when she met gospel singer, Bahati, who was just starting off his musical career. Bahati went on to rise to major music charts and Diana immediately made her move. She got pregnant with their now daughter, Heaven Bahati, a move that sealed their relationship tight.

Despite all her attempts to appear humble, it has always been quite clear that Diana Marua is an intense attention seeker. She thrives on her media personality and the cheap internet fame she gains from her “cool” public persona.

In a recent scandal, Marua allegedly made Bahati call the police on Mr. Seed’s girlfriend, Nimo. This saw the couple’s friendship come to an instant halt as the News made major headlines on social media. Even after her cowardly move to arrest a pregnant woman, Marua still seems unremorseful.

Many have confirmed that Diana Marua has blocked comments on some of her Instagram posts, mainly because more angry followers continue to troll her juvenile behavior through her public posts.

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