Milly and Terence Enjoy Intimate Dinner Following Cheating Scandal

Hours after Terence Creative came clean on cheating on his wife Milly Chebby, the celebrity couple was spotted having an intimate dinner together.

Terence was exposed for cheating on his wife with one Anita Sonia, a 19-year old student at Multimedia University and the couple has attempted to put up a united front as the drama rages on.

In a post seen by Daily Active, the couple went about their day amid the online uproar at Kosewe Ranalo Foods in Upperhill.

They were spotted having dinner though with gloomy faces and Milly on call as she indulged on her meal.

On Monday, Terence accused his mistress of blackmailing him and threatening his wife.

A few hours later, Soina clapped back at the comedian asking him to be honest about what they had. In her post, she says that they had been cost-sharing rent and even Terence had his clothes at her place.

She later asked Terence to stop intimidating her claiming she will unveil all her evidence and ask those close to speak.

Terence and Sonia

The 19-year-old mistress revealed that she met Terence Creative in a club but she had no clue that he was a celebrity.

“We met in a club and I had no clue he was a celebrity. It was a back and forth relationship, but I was really scared because he was much older than me,” said  Soina.

She went ahead and alleged that she got pregnant with Terence.

“I did my due diligence to tell Terence and I went ahead to suggest a place to terminate the baby. However he opted for a cheaper place, but all did not go well,” she added.

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