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King Kaka Teams up with Tracy Morgan in Latest Release, Royalty

King Kaka is making major international moves and this time, teaming up with Hollywood’s Actor and Comedian, Tracy Morgan, his latest release on the album “Eastlando Royalty”, Royalty is set to hit global chats. Royalty is produced by Jack on the Beat and Kaka Studios and debuts an epic Hip hop style.

Perhaps the most distinct thing about King Kaka’s music is his rapping style. He is highly obsessed with his hometown, and obviously has a big problem with one hit wonders in the industry. Not to say that he mentions names in Royalty, but one thing is clear; King Kaka is building his Empire and doesn’t care about limits.

In Tracy Morgan’s own words, King Kaka, is “the male ruler of an independent state”. He directly compares him to the King piece on a chessboard and it’s obvious that, even in his stardom, Tracy Morgan has mad respect for King Kaka and his work.

The Royalty Music video is rather modest, yet impressive. King Kaka is in a red robe, a sign of wealth and class perhaps, and he’s standing on what seems like a deserted museum. Photoshopped or not, it’s an ingenious move next to what we saw years ago in Kanye West’s “Power”.

Listen to King Kaka’s Royalty Official Audio featuring Tracy Morgan Now

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