King Kaka is Giving Away Free Copies of His Latest Album, Eastlando Royalty

Kenyan self-made king of hip-hop, King Kaka, is going out of his way to thank his fans by giving out free copies of his latest album, Eastlando Royalty. In a tweet sent earlier today, the Dundaing hitmaker posted a generous photo of one of his luckiest fans who got 6 free copies of the Eastlando Royalty album.

King Kaka has recently gathered a lot of positive vibes around his music and it’s clear that he is a major face in Kenyan hip hop music. His latest album, Eastlando Royalty, has attracted lots of love both locally and internationally and features songs by American superstars, Tracy Morgan (Royalty) and Talib Kweli (Regula).

His hit song, Dundaing featuring Kristoff also went platinum on a major scale after it was played at the NBA games a few weeks back. And predictably, being the generous artist he is, King Kaka is ready to give back to the community that saw him grow in the industry by gifting his fans free copies of the big album.

Listen to Eastlando Royalty Album by King Kaka for Free!

The Eastlando Royalty album is a detailed album with 22 dope singles and collabos by King Kaka

Eastlando Royalty Track List

  1. East kwa Mabeast
  2. Royalty ft Tracy Morgan
  3. Cest La Vie
  4. Dodoma 3 ft Hart the Band
  5. Noma
  6. Counter Attack ft Kristoff
  7. Poison
  8. Njia ft Bridget Blue
  9. Soma Lebo ft Brian Nadra
  10. One and Only ft Romain Virgo
  11. Blessings ft Steph Kapela
  12. Purple Dust
  13. Beba Ndogo ft Arrow Bwoy
  14. Sinema ft Pascal Tokodi
  15. Regula ft Talib Kweli
  16. Lullaby ft Likoni School for the Blind
  17. Mr. Nice
  18. Dundaing ft Kristoff and Magix Enga
  19. Ni Wewe ft Atemi
  20. Urumutima Wanie ft Butera Knowles
  21. Salome
  22. Mbesa ft Maima

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