Joey Muthengi’s Message To Mariga After Kibera By-Elections Causes A Stir Online

Media personality Joey Muthengi has caused a stir online after her congratulatory message to Mariga following the Kibera by-elections.

Joey sent out two posts on Instagram of her photo with Mariga. The retired footballer held her waist in one of the photos and this caught the attention of some fans.

Although Mariga lost to his opponent in the just concluded by-elections, Joey revealed that she was proud of him for what he did.

“You did well bruv…proud of you” she wrote in her post

Apart from the fact that they worked together in the Betin deal, Mariga and Joey were rumored to be dating although they have in several interviews denied it.

In her recent posts, the media girl was forced to respond after a fan claimed that she is pretending yet she is in love with Mariga.

Muthengi maintained that they are good friends and also complimented Mariga for being such a gentleman.


Some fans focused on the pair suggesting that Mariga should make his move and date Joey.

You look good togetherthis_guy_wemsley  said

martinnjogumeme423 added, “Kulaneni but at least tujue wedding

Others requested Joey to advise Mariga to stay away from politics.

“advice him to stay away from politics…its dirty and messy…,”sayianka wrote

Image result for joey mariga

Here are more reactions


Peleka yeye sasa bedroom iko na mattress, ile ingine alipata iko na mawe


Baba said it…wakamba ni waaminifu akisema anakupa unapata😝


Was Passing By ..Then Boom …I saw That nigga’s Hand around your waist…😂😂😂…. ndiumwona nesa inywe😂😂😂


Itisha kitu, wanapeana baba alisema


Was Passing By ..Then Boom …I saw That nigga’s Hand around your waist…😂😂😂…. ndiumwona nesa inywe😂😂😂





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