I am Very Nervous! Tanasha’s Confession During Her Baby Shower

The delivery period is extremely scary for first-time others and Tanasha could not hide her nervousness during her baby shower.

The highly anticipated date for Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz finally came to pass and what we have now are memories of how hyped the event was. Yes! Tanasha Donna’s Baby shower’s hype and glamour were unmatched with classy decor, expensive drinks, and food.

Image courtesy; Setting at Tanasha’s Baby Shower

The event which went down on Thursday 22nd at the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel featured Diamond and Tanasha’s, family and friends, and judging from the videos and pictures shared on social media, it was a successful event full of fun and happiness.

During the event, Tanasha and Diamond were asked a few questions regarding preparedness to parenthood where they revealed a few things.

When tanasha was asked how prepared she was she said that she was very nervous but overwhelmed.

Image Courtesy Tanasha Interviewed during the Baby shower

Honestly, I am excited but very nervous, very nervous lakini niko overwhelmed. Niko excited, but then am happy to have my family is here, they came as well. family and friends wako hapa. So am excited.

Tanasha said

When Diamond was asked why he chose to be present at Tanasha’s Baby shower while he skipped some baby showers for his baby mamas, he said that for the other baby showers he had commitments.

Image Courtesy Tanasha and Diamond interviewed during the Baby shower

Sinajua kila mtoto anakujaga na bahati yake na siku hizo zingine zinanikutaga niko busy lakini kwa hii mwenyezi mungu amenibariki imenikuta niko town..

Diamond explained

Here is the interview;

They also revealed that the baby will be born in Bongo Tanzania as Tanasha said she had two homes. Her Kenyan home and her Tanzanian Home.

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