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Harmonize in Trouble After Implying That Kenyans are Poor

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist, Harmonize, is currently in a tight spot after he innocently implied that Kenyans are poor. This happened during a press conference after the Nairobi Wasafi Festival when he tried to compare his life with that of his Kenyan fans, perhaps to show his humility.

“Mimi ni maskini tu kama nyinyi…” he said.

While this was probably just a humble comment to honor his fans, many Kenyans have since criticized the Kwangwaru hitmaker claiming that his fame has made him arrogant.

Harmonize and his fellow Wasafi crew members have been having a hard time with their Kenyan fans after pulling off the most boring performances at the New Years Wasafi Festival earlier this year. Their poor performances were highly criticized by many Kenyans who attended the event and the successful artists may be on the verge of losing their huge fanbase in the country.

Just days ago, Harmonize’s manager, Mr Puaz, quit on him after he claimed that the Paranawe hitmaker has become too Arrogant after his success.

Mr Puaz has been Harmonize’s strongest pillar in his musical career and they go as far back as 2015. Even after building him up to the influential musician he has become, Mr. Puaz publicly admitted that Harmonize has become too arrogant in the recent past and he had to quit being his manager.

In an interview with Wasafi Media, Harmonize cleared the air by explaining that people may have taken his comment out of context. He goes on to explain that he only compared himself with the ordinary (poor) Kenyans in an attempt to prove his humble beginning.

Nonetheless, the damage has already been done. Many Kenyan Bongo fans on Twitter have already threatened to stop listening to Harmonize’s music and things are not looking so well for the controversial artist.

Watch Harmonize’s Interview with Wasafi Media on Allegations that he Called Kenyans Poor

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