Guilty Pleasure! Kenyan Men drop their Toxic masculinity trait with return of Nairobi Diaries

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You all can say all you want but it’s proven that Kenyans love some Nairobi diaries.

With the news of a new season gracing our screens, Kenyans cannot have enough of it. All men who have forever groomed themselves with their toxic masculinities were eagerly waiting for the show to air. Kwani iko nini?

Over the years, masculinity has revealed itself differently across all regions. A few men have challenged the traditional roles of the man and reshaped what it actually means to be a man. The modern-day man can have certain conversations that were perceived as ‘Bad’ and also watch whatever would entertain them.

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Nairobi diaries cast Photo: Courtesy

Nairobi diaries would be grouped as a reality tv show which would greatly be appreciated by Kenyan women as opposed to men because of the many cat-fights involved and what not. But does this mean that the men who watch the show are not men enough?

Here is what Kenyans thought of the show.

What do you think?

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