Guardian Angel Reveals How DK Kwenye Beat’s Herpes Scandal Cost Their Collabo

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has come out to disclose how DK Kwenye Beat’s threesome scandal cost them their collabo.

Speaking during an interview, Guardian Angel revealed that he asked DK Kwenye Beat for a collabo which he agreed to.

Adding that they went ahead to record the audio and also shoot the video, however, he faced some challenges when he wanted to release the song.

“Tulifanya ngoma na DK hadi mbaka video ikawa edited lakini ikapata few challenges here and there watu wengine wa media ambao singeweza wataja waliniambia kwamba ata kuna mmoja nilienda kumchezea iyo nyimbo akaniuliza hii nyimbo unnataka kuitoa lii nikamwambia kesho”,he revealed.

“Akaniambia hii yimbo huwezi kuitoa kwa sababu sahi watu ile feeling wako nayo ni tofauti sana towards DK but kwa vile watu wanakuangalia itakukwaruza kidogo.”

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He further revealed that he talked to DK about the negative feedback he was receiving about the song, adding that despite what DK was going through, he agreed to be removed from the video.

“so ikamweleza DK kwanza because ata yeye nlikuwa nimemwomba akuwe kwa video yangu na alikuwa willing kabisa  yani kwa roho kufanya kazi na nilipo mweleza aliniambia jamaa hii kitu  sitaki kuniharibia na ata before akuwe kwa video aliniambia jamaa mimi sitaki kukuharibia lakini ata kama uko sure unataka niwe ni sawa lakini nilipo pata feedback ambayo ni tofauti nikamwambia nindio nikamtoa,”he said.

“sikujitenga na DK after scandal kazi ilikuwa tofauti kidogo before ilikuwa mbaka kazi kwa pamoja kimziki lakini scandal inakulimit kidogo kufanya zile kazi inakubidi uendele huwezi simama hadi scandal i stop.”

Threesome scandal

Few months ago, Musicians DK Kwenye Beat and HopeKid were a hot topic on various platforms following a complaint by a woman who said the two lured her into having a threesome last year.

The woman revealed that after engaging in a threesome with the two artists, she was infected with herpes and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The two musicians later apologized to their fans and families after the woman claimed they infected her with a sexually transmitted disease, but the woman says the two musicians have yet to apologize to her.

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