Former CJ Willy Mutunga Hilariously Hits On Ezekiel Mutua Over Tetema, Wamlambez Ban

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB)Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua took to social media and banned popular songs Wamlambez and Tetema from being played anywhere except only in clubs and bars. He specifically stated that these two songs have phonographic images and lyrics.

His move to ban the two popular hit songs attracted many rants on social media as people came criticizing him for being a stumbling block to the success of young people trying to rise through music.

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It was not only young people who ganged up against the self-proclaimed moral corp but also, renown celebrities who have made a positive impact in the country cautioned him against being too tough on young people.

The former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga responded to Mutua’s claims by telling him that he should let the young people have fun and focus on the things of his age such as Twist dance and Kung Fu.

  “Wacha vijana wacheze bwana! Wewe endelea kucheza Twist na Kung Fu!”

Mutunga wrote;

Netizens came out lauding Ezekiel Mutua for defending young people. Others hilariously cheered the beef among these two public figures, as this was not the first time the two were getting into an online war of words.

On 30th July Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and the ex-CJ clashed on social media over youth employment where Ezekiel ended up insulting Mutunga calling him ‘Mjuaji’.

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