Ezekiel Mutua Announces His Interest in Political Seat

The Kenya Film Classification Board’s CEO, Dr.Ezekiel Mutua, has been facing battles with the youth for being too strict in the name of maintaining good morals in society.

He is always on the first line to ban any film or music which he feels is not suitable for the audience. Though being a good move, the young generation always feels like he kills their talent and demotivates them from showcasing their talent.

Through his social media accounts, Mutua announced that he will be joining politics in future though he didn’t indicate which position he will be going for.

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Sharing a photo of him, he said; ” This photo will one day be on campaign posters and billboards for a very big seat!”

This provided an ample platform for his haters to attack him as they stormed online discouraging him from taking such a move.

Jay Jay and the owner shall fall with a thud!like ndu!!

James Gitau Pahahaha utajua hii kenya hatupendi ujinga utaanguka usituke

Ngotho KE Speaks YOU use the position you have to give back to society now before you tell us about your self serving interests and ambitions for power!

Esther Njeri The moment you defended TD Jakes actions, is the moment i lost some respect for you boss. What he’s doing is “conmanship”, yet with your position you’re out defending him. Questionable character and integrity.

Patrick Mwai As long as you keep banning some songs like wamlambez which has more than 40M listeners we won’t vote for you . Kaa to na mama yako cz hakuna kitu utapata

Tigers Fc Even your wife will not vote for you

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