Exclusive: Club Tribeka Closes Down, Employees Not Paid for Months

Tribeka (Facebook)

Club Tribeka, a popular entertainment hotspot in Nairobi, has been shut down after months of being on its deathbed.

This comes a few months after its sister clubs Fahrenheit, Natives, Rafikiz and Zodiac were shut down.

“Tribeka has been closed,” a former waitress intimated to Opera News. She revealed that they just came to work one day and the club had been closed down with no fanfare or warning.

Revellers at Tribeka (Facebook)

“Hawakutulipa (they have not paid us). They have closed it without even paying us, I have not been paid for 3 months. They have not paid me for 3 months and I worked for them for the last 7 years, nimekuwa nikiwadai nikachoka mi nikawaachia hio do,” she divulged.

She also disclosed that there were plans to take the club to the labour court but their plans hit a dead end.

“There were plans to go to the labour court with our grievances but when they closed it, tukashindwa hata tukienda kwa labour tutadai nani? Where will we get the directors from?
We would go (to the management) and they would promise to pay us but we were shocked to learn recently that they have closed the club.

“We know where one director is situated in town but the problem is that when we go there anakuangalia kwa camera, so he doesn’t let you in. There is no way he is paying us that’s the problem. It’s the same case for Natives, Zodiac, Fahrenheit, Rafikiz and now Tribeka, they have closed down like five bars this year,” she added.

Revellers at Tribeka (Facebook)

Our efforts to reach the manager and supervisor for their right of reply proved futile as they had switched off their phones by the time of this publication.

Tough Times For Clubs

Tribeka is not the only popular club that has been facing tough times, Kiza Restaurant, Space Lounge, Explorers Tavern, and B Concept are at risk of losing their licenses following a directive by the Environment and Land Court Judge Loice Komingoi.

In her ruling, the judge directed the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and City Hall to revoke the operating licenses of these clubs for playing loud music.

Kiza Lounge Owner Ali Oumarau with wife (Kiza)

“The clubs were in contravention of the EMCA (Noise and excessive vibration pollution) control regulations 2009,” she said before adding, “A mandatory injunction is hereby issued against the 5th, 6th and 8th respondents compelling them to issue and enforce closure notices against the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respondents for being in contravention of EMCA (Noise and excessive vibration pollution) Control Regulation 2009.”


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