Diamond Platinumz’ Mother Rejected By Her Husband’s Family

Diamond Platinumz mother Sandra Kassim and her young lover Rally Jones have been serving the world with a top admired couple goals.  Since the man was accused of cheating, the two have been sharing romantic photos and videos perhaps to prove to the world that they settled their differences.

Shockingly, with all the lovey-dovey online shows, Rally Jone’s family (Shamte’s family) does not approve his relationship with Diamond’s mother. This follows an online attack which was launched by Rally’s sister warning Diamond’s mother against using their father’s name- Shamte.

Image result for Mama dangote and rally Jones
Image Courtesy Diamond’s Mother and her lover Rally Jones

She also cautioned her to get out of their family since no one wants her in it. This came after Diamond’s mother shared  her photo on social media identifying herself as the Shamte’s

Taking to social media Diamond’s mother shared her picture with captions;

Shamte’s family ….Ahmada Shamte

In response, one of Rally’s sister’s known as Raya told her to stop using their father’s name because they have never approved of her relationship with their bother.

  Stop mentioning our daddy’s name or family name !!!!! The way u are behaving its like someone wants u in our family !!!!! Madam get out of our family !!!! No one wants u !!!!

Look here!

Now fans feel that Diamond’s mother should leave the family, and stop flaunting hyped relationship on social media. others came saying that what she did Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobetto came back to haunt her.


Karma is truly a bitch ?. What bibi did to Hamisa is coming back to bite her. ??


Yaan Mungu. Wetu nae kaona. Arahisishe. Kipengere cha malipo duniani. Yani analipa fasta fasta . wtu tunaenjoy….. Mwmbien mama enu na bado maana warugulu. Sio wanafki??


Thanks lord god is good karma is a bitch maman dangote you got wat you deserve ????????

This is not the first time Rally Jone’s sister is proving that her family does not like Sandra. After Rally’s baby mama gave birth, she went to see the baby something that caused an uproar on social media.

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