Diamond Attacked After Asking Women To Avoid Sleeping Around

Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz has been attacked by netizens after he advised women to avoid sleeping around.

In an undated video, Diamond gave his opinion saying that men find hard-to-get women more attractive. He also added that most men prefer dating women with a low body count.

“Kwanza hajapitiwa na watu wengi, tunapenda mwanamke anayeringa.Mwanamke akiwa cha wote sisi hatuwezi kwenda

“Ina maana Heshima ya kwanza na sifa ya kwanza ya mwanamke ni kuringa. Nategemea dada zangu mnapotoka hapa mkaringe sana.

The more unavyoringa ndio vile mwanamume anazidi kuchanganyikiwa.” he stated

The Wasafi CEO also added that when a woman has a loose character men tend to take them for granted.

His remarks, however, did not settle well with some social media users who called him out for double standards considering that he has slept with multiple women.

Some laughed off at the irony claiming that he got his women pregnant a short time after they met.

Have a look at some of the reactions

Jackie Muthina Kawaida ya mwanamme yeyote akiachwa na bibi ,na bibi aende a prosper…so payuka ndugu uchungu unakumiza kwa roho lakini

Clara Maria But tanasha got pregnant day one you met mbona hakuringa😅😅😅 bitter x kiki hamna

Carole Maloba Aiiiiii..eti hajapitiwa na watu wengi wewe umepitia wangapi??silly talks🙄🙄

Marit Twa Shania Nyani haoni kundule kweli 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Jenny Okoyo Otieno As if yeye amepitia mmoja pekee ghasia matacore ya chura yeye 😬

Phoebe Paul Now I understand why hata hamisa moved on and forgot about this asshole… Masomo muhimu jameni 😭

Mwari Wa Nyagah When a nigga is butt hurt atasema anything….go clean ur nose taymondi,father abraham,sperm bank

Judy Kay Hahah hope haongelei ule wa bclub


Here is the video

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