Celebrities Who Publicly Revealed Their Battle With Life-Threatening Illnesses

Being in the public eye, celebrities really try to have a private life or relations away from pressure and too many expectations from their fans.

Although many of them battle some issues in secrecy, it becomes very easy for fans to notice when something seems unusual. Especially when they go silent on social media or fail to make appearances in places we are used to see them.

A number of Kenyan celebrities have opened up on their battle with fatal illnesses and most of them feel the need to go public about it to create awareness.

Some are forced to reach out to their fans in order to get emotional or financial support.

Here are some of the celebrities who publicly revealed struggle with illnesses

Jahmby Koikai

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Media personality Jahmby Koikai was diagnosed with endometriosis which resulted in her fighting the illness for years.

Jahmby has used her social media platform to create awareness about the condition. She went through multiple surgeries before starting her recovery journey.

Comedian Othuol Othoul

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Popular Churchill show comedian Othoul Othoul revealed that he battled with Tuberculosis.

The funnyman also explained that he has been missing in the comedy shows since the illness made him weak and he was on medication for 6 months.

Allan  Kiuna

In 2018, Bishop Allan Kiuna was diagnosed with cancer. His wife Kathy Kiuna recently revealed how the chemotherapy treatment affected her husband.

According to Kathy, her husband lost his hair and was not physically active. She also added that she has been supportive and her husband has been responding well to treatment.

 Hawa Mayoka

Diamond’s ex-lover Hawa was diagnosed with a heart-related condition and she had to undergo surgery in India before she recovered.

Hawa suffered for months with no clear diagnosis but had to bear with an overly swollen tummy which was caused by her condition.

Although there were speculations that she had a liver problem, specialists revealed that her heart is what caused her body to be filled with fluid.

Anita Raey

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Media personality Anita Raey has severally spoken about her battle with depression. The radio host also had instances where she revealed that she was feeling suicidal.

Anjlee Gadhvi

Media personality Anjlee was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013. In 2015, Kenyans contributed millions to fund her treatment after she made a public appeal on Kameme FM.

She went to India for surgery in 2016 and was declared cancer-free months later.



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