‘Born Again’ Kush Tracey Ridiculed for Sharing Video Twerking

TV presenter cum musician Kush Tracey has yet again found herself in the lips of Kenyans over claims of backsliding and rejoining the secular world.

This comes after Kush posted a video online of her twerking to Patoraking song dubbed ‘No kissing baby’.  The video clip has left her a section of fans questioning if indeed she is a born again Christian.

However, some didn’ find anything wrong with her twerking. In fact, they showered her with praises.

Kozayao was impressed after Kush showcased her twerking skills.

Wololo so u good at twerking😛😛😛”he said.

Fantatic -toto also showed some love to the “Forgive them” hitmaker “Umeweza ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💯💯💯💯”he added.

Quoting Kush’s “Ni Ndulu” line, Clayzol also didn’t see anything wrong with her twerking “Haaah! Maneighbour watajuaje, ni nduluuuu! Toto unatesa!,” he said.

Kush has been facing wrath from Kenyans ever since she started going back to her old self after getting saved, but in her defense, she warned critics against judging her relationship with God.

“My social media inlaws, God is above everything each and every opportunity comes from God na siku ya mwisho itakuwa wewe na Mungu wako, when you are judging me you will be judged too,” she responded.

However, the singer is yet to announce if she has backslid but her recent social media posts and song have been a topic of discussion.

Watch her Twerk Video below:


Here are more reactions 

Kozayao……….Wololo so u good at twerking😛😛😛

NimoRuth……..Kiuno kizito kama engine ya fuso…… singing

Fantatictoto……….  Umeweza ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💯💯💯💯

Jaynewambo……..Nakupendea ujinga😂😂

Kafway…….Kush_Tracey 😂😂😂Hio ni kali by default

JulietMuema……Rudi kwa yesu

Clayzol……..Haaah! Maneighbour watajuaje, ni nduluuuu! Toto unatesa!

Jaydee……..The guy who commented that you had missed to twerk was right 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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