Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu Exposes Slayqueens Seducing Her Husband

Bonfire Adventures Managing Director; Sarah Kabu has today exposed slay queens who have been seducing her husband.

Speaking to Radio Jambo, Sarah opened up about her relationship with her husband and the challenges they go through as a couple.

The businesswoman revealed that many ladies have been sliding in her husband’s DM ever since he bought her a range rover for her 39th birthday.

She also stated that the ladies shamelessly ask each other what Sarah offers her husband in bed for her to deserve such expensive gifts.

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According to Sarah, she is fully aware of the DMs because they both have login details to their social media account.

Sarah exposed two ladies revealing that one had the guys to ask her husband out on a date and another who begged her husband to buy a Vitz for her.

She also cautioned people who have partners that do not like sharing their passwords to take that habit as a red flag.

On whether her husband has ever cheated, Sarah cleared the air saying that she does not know but so far, everything has been great.


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Apart from slayqueens who have been on her husband’s case, Sarah revealed that some young men have also been trying to make a move on her.

“Some young men know where to get rich women and they hang around there. Sometimes they even approach me when I am with kids…” she stated

Sarah also admitted that their marriage has not been perfect as people may think and despite falling out once in a while, they always find a way to sort their issue.

“We do not agree on everything but sometimes we have to get to a compromise” she emphasized

The couple has been together for 10 years and successfully worked on their business for 12 years now.

Sarah expressed concern over the current generation saying that their behavior is very worrying. Her advice to young ladies is that they should not waste their beauty chasing old men.





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