Blac Chyna’s Son is a Spitting Image of DJ Mo’s Daughter (Photos)

The Muraya family (Instagram)

For ages, people have compared Pierra Makena’s daughter Ricca Pokot to Dj Mo and Size 8’s daughter Ladasha Belle.

Fans have said that the two look like they could be sisters and since Pierra is a single mum, some even went ahead and claimed that DJ Mo is the dad.

A situation that forced DJ Mo to clear the air by saying that the resemblance is just purely coincidental. 

Blac Chyna/Instagram

 “No am not the father. Actually, Pierra is a good friend of mine. Like the other day, we were laughing and am like kwani this thing happened and we didn’t know. It happened through osmosis,” Mo jokingly said on Dr Ofweneke’s show.

As it turns out, Ladasha Belle has another famous look-alike, King Cairo Stevenson,  Blac Chyna and Tyga’s son who was born 7 years ago.

A brief look at Blac Chyna’s Instagram account and one can’t help but notice how much he looks like Ladasha.

Check him out:

Blac Chyna/Instagram
Blac Chyna/Instagram
Blac Chyna/Instagram
Blac Chyna/Instagram
Blac Chyna/Instagram



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