Atahema Kama Blowdryer! Hardest Sex Positions You Should Never Try on Plump Kenyan Women

Sex or ‘pekejeng’ as many youths have adapted to calling it is one of the most sought after highs in the world. You can tell as it is what the Gengeton artists sing at the top of their lungs. It is not just in Kenya but all over the world.

Having sex has many great benefits to people including reducing stress, counts as exercise and lowers the risk of heart attacks, among many more.

There are many sex positions that couples like to experiment on when they get down and dirty under the sheets. These exciting positions help to spice up relationships and situationships.

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The following sex positions may be extremely pleasurable for most people but thick girls cannot relate. For them, these positions are difficult and in some extremes, rather painful. Trying these positions on her will have her tap out before you can climax.

Check them out below:


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Just as the name suggests, this position requires the couple to be in a wheelbarrow position. This position will take you back to your childhood days when people would compete in a wheelbarrow position during games. It’s not as easy when you are grown up and weigh above 80 KGs.

Above all else, it is tiresome and the woman could fall over if you don’t have enough strength to hold her up. It’s never that serious, just do the regular styles like missionary. They are probably more pleasurable.

Standing leg lift

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Machos tu! This position requires a strong man to not only lift his thick bae but to have her legs straddling his neck as well. Two already difficult things. Unless you are on a suicide mission, please avoid this position at all costs.

Anything on a swing

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Unless you have a spacious and strong swing, forget about it. Next!

Legs on shoulder

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The legs on the shoulder position has many different variations to it. The one you should avoid trying on a thick woman is where you literally fold her in half. Some call it ‘the pancake’ position.

This is an extremely difficult position for bigger women as they may lose breath easily. This is exactly where she is bound to ‘hema kama blowdryer’.

Pile Driver

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This position is no walk in the park for anyone, whether slender or plump. It poses the risk of breaking the woman’s neck if not executed properly.

Here, the only part of her body that is lying down is her head and shoulder while her legs and back are in the air. The man then hits it from the top. The bending required is insane and is definitely not worth the hustle.

The Plough

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In this position, the man is supposed to have her hands on the bed but her legs hanging on the man’s waist. The man, in this case, is standing behind her.

Let’s be honest, as much as the man is holding her weight, she also has to balance herself on the bed which is extremely difficult. Instead of pleasure, she is bound to be holding her breath the whole 20 seconds before tapping out.

In case you were wondering why she never called you again, now you know.  Imagine you won’t die if you don’t try everything you saw on Kamasutra.

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