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Amber Lulu and Prezzo Set For their Wedding in 2019 after Mother Buys Ring

Just a few months after Tanzanian Bongo Flava artists, Amber Lulu broke up with Kenyan Rapper Prezzo, the couple ready to work out things again and this time, an engagement ring is in the picture. In an interview with Dizzim Online, Lulu told Michael Fidelis that she was ready to get engaged again and have a child with Prezzo. According to the texts she showed on her phone (and an audio clip), the couple has, apparently, been discussing their relationship and Prezzo promised to ‘come for her’.

Amber Lulu had previously broken up with CMB Prezzo claiming that their long distance relationship was rocky. Being such big celebrities in East Africa, it made a lot of sense when Lulu admitted they were both having a hard time keeping their relationship in check, even though she seemed pretty sure that Prezzo had never cheated on her. But the heat has now turned sweet and the Tanzanian Bongo star has made her plans to get engaged and have a child with Prezzo public.

“…mimi ni mwanamke, na ukiwa mwanamke utafanya a lot but end of the day, you need to become a mom,” she said.

When asked about Prezzo’s relationship(s) during their break, Lulu admitted that Prezzo may have dated other women when they were not together, but she was confident that she was the only one who understands the Kenyan rapper well enough.

“Wewe unaweza ukawa naye, ukaroll naye, lakini huwezi kuwa the best more than me…Mapenzi ni connection, amenielewa na nimemwelewa,” she said

Lulu revealed that Prezzo’s mother has already bought their engagement ring and that she is expecting a proposal next month. Even with the big rumors that Prezzo is a spoiled mama’s boy, Amber doesn’t seem bothered at all and she, in fact, admitted that she is very close with his mother.

When asked about the one thing that drives her craziest the most about Prezzo, Lulu had only one answer… “ Sex…” she claimed that it wouldn’t bother her that much if Prezzo ever cheated on her and at the end of the day, “mwanaume ni mwanaume.” She ended the interview by saying that come 2019, fans should expect her wedding with CMB Prezzo.

Watch Amber Lulu interview about her engagement to CMB Prezzo and their sex life

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