8 Times Janet Mbugua Showed Kenyan Ladies How to Rock in Wide-Leg Pants

For a while now, wide-leg jumpsuits or pants are chic, comfortable and absolutely stylish.

Nothing beats this style of fashion, like when it’s done the right way. Who would do it better than Janet Mbugua anyway?

Janet Mbugua is always serving her fans with fashion tips, even when she is just being her natural self. There’s nothing better than having all your girls think you’re wearing a dress only to reveal that they are actually pants.

Having a wide-leg fashion trend is catching on fast and it’s so clear why!

You can rock this look anywhere like a night out, dinner or a special occasion. You can never go wrong with it.

A lot of us may be afraid to try out the jumpsuit look because of insecurities of our body type but the wide leg makes it so much easier and makes any body type look great.

When there is a trendy fashion, she knows how to do it even better. Showing how different types of dresses can much up with her versatile nature.

Below is a collection of her wardrobe, rocking it simple and elegant:


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