7 Photos Of Stivo Simple Boy That Hint The Kind Of Women He Likes


If there is one Kenyan musician who is living his best life right now is Kibera rapper, Stivo Simple Boy. He was crowned as the Artiste of the Year at The Mashujaa Awards 2019 on  21st November Thursday, Carnivore Simba Salon.

The ‘Mihadarati‘ hitmaker was competing with big names like Nyashinski, Bahati and Khaligraph Jones. He has made it for sure!

The rapper who is identified as Stephen Otieno came to the limelight after releasing Mihadarati which is a song that is requesting the youth to stop abusing drugs. Netizens have called him ugly, compared him to a monkey, looked down on him and made fun about his rapping skills.

Despite the negativity, he still chooses to stay strong and follow his dream of being the best rapper in Kenya. After the award, he won on 21st November 2019 definitely proved that hard work pays.

During a radio interview with Milele FM(AlexandJalas), the award-winning artist revealed that he is a virgin and has decided to wait until marriage. He also added that anytime he feels horny, he takes a cold shower and chills out. Due to his fame, he has been seen with different kinds of ladies which has given us a clue what kind of ladies Simple boy desires.

He loves light-skinned girls. It will tone down his dark complexion.

Image result for stivo simple boy and girls
“Ndo maanake nina warembo pia”

He seems to be into no makeup kind of ladies. After all, men love it when women are all-natural.


Image result for stivo simple boy and girls
“Everywhere I go girls follow me.”

We are sorry! He loves them white too. It does not hurt to mix the cultures.

Image result for stivo simple boy and girls
“Mtajua aje ata white ako idhaa.”

It also looks like he does not mind slay queens too.

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“I don’t mind snap chat as long as I am with pretty mamiz.”

It’s said that age is just a number! So he’d never mind a woman who is older than him.

Image result for stivo simple boy and girls
“Najinice nasiringi!”

He does not mind any skin complexion as long as she is beautiful.

Image result for stivo simple boy and girls
“Chilling in the spa na hawa mangoko.”

From this photo, it is clear that he loves simplicity too.

Image result for stivo simple boy girls“Nani kama mimi.”

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