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5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are So Deep in the Friend Zone

Remember when Chris Brown broke up with Rihanna and acted like a mushy little girl for weeks? Ah yes, that’s the same frustration on every man after finding himself in the dark friend zone. Today we’ll cover 5 of your favorite Kenyan male celebrities who are way deep into the friend zone. And yes, celebrities get friend zoned too!

Timmy Tdat and Dela

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After his huge release, We’ll Be Okay featuring Dela, everybody thought… Basss! Our boy has made it past the zone. We’ll Be Okay was so romantic that rumors of the two dating broke on social media. It was also rumored that Dela was seen kissing Timmy Tdat in an elevator days after their song aired.

Turns out it was all a celebrity stunt. While speaking to Buzz magazine, Dela opened up about her relationship with Timmy and made it clear that they were JUST GOOD FRIENDS. Ouch!

Judging from their photos together, Timmy Tdat seemed a little too deep into their friendship than Dela was. Now we know he wasn’t getting any!

Barak Jacuzzi and Tanasha Donna

Barak Jacuzzi is currently one of the hottest fast-rising hip hop stars in Kenya. He is known for his clever punchlines and his latest hit song, Radio featuring Diamond’s sugar, Tanasha Donna.

While his lines about women seem cheesy enough to confuse women, Tanasha Donna, apparently, hasn’t fallen for any of them.

Since their debut song, Radio, aired, Tanasha has shared hundreds of photos on Instagram hanging out with Jacuzzi with the caption “Crazy Best Friend”. We all know what that means lol

Shaffie Weru and Avril

Shaffie Weru is popularly known as The Man with the Big Mouth, and his reputation is well deserved. The Kiss 100 radio presenter is true to himself, and he always says what is on his mind.

In an interview with Avril a few months ago, Shaffie admitted that he was extremely jealous when he found out that Avril was pregnant with another man’s child.

He went on to admit that he had been trying to get that guava for years but Avril was just too selfish. The best part was that he kept the mood light all along without making the interview awkward. You gotta love Shaffie!

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami have, time and again, been referred to as the Kenyan Jay Z and Queen Bee. The chemistry between the two artists is evident, both in their music and personal lives.

While Arrow Bowy rarely comments about their relationship, Nadia Mukami seems too determined to let the world know that there is absolutely NOTHING going on between them.

The duo has worked on several music projects together with their latest song, Radio Love being one of the most streamed songs in Kenya.

Willy Paul and Multiple Women

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Willy Paul was once a Kenyan sugar boy and his music earned him a good place in the Kenyan showbiz world. His lifestyle, however, turned girlish over the years and many of his celebrity crushes lost interest.

Today, Willy Paul is basically just a lonely black Justin Bieber with zero women. Many have confirmed that he spends most of his days in hotel rooms by himself and that his recent shift to secular music was just a desperate attempt to keep his fame relevant.

Among many others, Willy Paul has been friend zoned by Avril, Size 8, Kambua, and Jamaica’s own, Samantha J. He has recently been rumored to be making moves on Nandy and this time, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

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