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15 Popular Names You Should Never Give Your Child

Every mother wants to give a unique and beautiful name to their child. However, before you name a child you should consider the meaning.

Here are 15 names you should never give your precious tot:

Brennan – The Gaelic name means ‘sorrow’

Byron – This name means ‘a cowshed’

Calvin – A French name meaning ‘bald’

Cameron – This Scottish name means crooked nose’.

Campbell – A Scottish name meaning ‘crooked mouth’.

Cecilia – Latin name meaning ‘blind’

Claudia – Latin name meaning ‘disabled’

Jacob – A Hebrew name meaning ‘supplanter’, that is a person who steals the place of another. In the case of the Bible, Jacob stole his brother Esau’s birthright.

Jezebel – The name means ‘shameless’ or ‘wicked woman’

Kennedy – It means ‘deformed head’

Mallory – This French name means ‘unfortunate one’ or ‘the unlucky one’

Mary – It means ‘bitter’ in Hebrew

Portia – The popular but classy-sounding name means ‘pig’

Rebecca – A Hebrew name that means ‘ensnare’

Tristan – The name means ‘sorrowful’ or ‘sad’. Maybe that’s why Tristan Thompson has been giving Khloe Kardashian so much sorrow with his philandering ways.






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