10 Interesting Facts About Akothee That Nobody Wants to Talk About

Akothee was born in a politician family. Her father was a county administrator and her mother was a political enthusiast, which is probably where she got her influential stamina.

At the age of 16, Akothee already had 3 kids. She started parenthood as early as the age of 14 and went on to give birth to two more children in the following consecutive years.

Speaking of giving birth, Akothee’s favorite hobby is giving birth. While pregnancy may be a daunting task for many, the popular Kenyan musician admits that she enjoys it and would love to get pregnant again and again.

In high school, Nyabisawa Girls, she was one of the most rebellious girls in the school. At 14, Akothee fell in love with a young boy from the neighboring school and moved in with him. She was so in love that even after her parents tried to get her back home severally, she refused. While living with his “boyfriend”, she got pregnant with her first born child.

Akothee served as a house girl for seven years. She was employed by her mother in law and she did all the house chores so she could feed her children.

After seven years of working in her mother-in-law’s home as a house girl, Akothee left and stated her own Omena business in Kanga. She sold Omena to locals for a few years while trying to support her family.

Akothee was also a taxi driver for a few months. Her entrepreneurial skills allowed her to save enough money to raise her children single-handedly.

After years of struggling to make a living, Akothee met her Mzungu and moved in with him. The Mzungu inspired her so much that she went on to discover her musical talent while living with him. This was the onset of her successful musical career.

Akothee is currently one of the most successful musicians in Kenya. She owns four luxurious homes in the North Coast, Nairobi, Mombasa and Migori. She once disclosed that she pays her house girl Ksh.56,000 every month. How’s that for class?

Akothee shops in Europe. One of the many perks of being rich is that you can shop wherever you please. Akothee’s choice for fancy shopping is Europe.

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